Children Benefiting from Art Therapy

Art Healing is derived from creativity in one’s soul. Childhood may in fact be the most creative and imaginative ages of a person’s life, and art healing encourages that personal growth.

Art Therapy is a form of Art Healing, an alternative form of therapy that aids in benefiting the mental health and well being of an individual. Children are like sponges, they absorb so much information yet they tend to resist when speaking about their emotions. Studies have shown that physical drawings done by a child articulate his or her emotions more vividly then any words they could have pieced together.

The free flowing expression derived from creating art opens the mind of youngsters and truly aids them in discovery and self awareness. Art expression is portrayed as its own language, speaking for itself when viewed bringing visual insight to behaviors and emotions. Children benefit greatly if they are experiencing developmental or communicational disorders such as autism, as well as grief, parental issues, anxiety, and even abuse.

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